Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to Eat Cactus Fruit (Tunas)

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The season for cactus fruits (tunas) is in full swing, in a previous post I showed one way of How to Cook Nopales, this time it's all about its sweet fruit.

They do look yummy, don't they? You can find them at Mexican grocery stores in the fresh produce section. They are sold already cleaned of the little thorns, they still need to be handled with care since some of the little thorns are almost invisible, but you'll feel them. This is how they look when you buy them:

The skin is very thick and needs to be peeled off to get to the juicy pulp. The way to do it is by cutting off both ends of the fruit and make a slit across the skin.

The skin peels off very smoothly from the pulp.

And now all you do is enjoy! This fruit can be an acquired taste, the flavor is sweet and very juicy, I prefer to chill them before eating. This is one of the few fruits I don't add chile, salt and lemon to it. The weird part about the tunas is the texture, since its full of seeds you can't chew, just swallow them.

My local produce store sells them already peeled! I can almost eat all of these at one sitting, they're so good! In this picture you can notice the seeds.

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