Monday, June 25, 2012

Author Blog Challenge - Day 22

Describe your first book signing – real or imagined.

This blog post has been mercifully saved thanks to the host of this Blog Challenge Laura Orsini. When I thought about book signings, especially for a new author, all I could think were the horror stories from lonely book signings and I couldn't help but think I was doomed to the same fate!

I shudder to think about being looked at with pity from people avoiding eye contact and the aisle where my book signing desk would be. Now the vision of being alone (apart from my family and unemployed friends with time on their hands) at a book signing has been turned into a celebration of my book!

Something I never even thought about was having a Virtual Launch, many ideas are now in my head because of the blog post "A virtual event allows you to invite the world to your book launch" (click here for blog post). Laura Orsini describes step by step how to prepare for a virtual book launch, how to get people interested and what to do during the event. It's great information and I already have that post as a favorite....when it comes time I will certainly use her expertise.

Now my imagination is running wild with the possibilities and dare I book will become a Twitter Trending Topic!

Thanks Laura, this Blog Challenge is the Best!!!

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