Saturday, July 20, 2013

Garden Window Decor - Comic-Con

Hey There:

My garden window decorations usually revolve around seasons or holidays, this time, my theme revolves around an event. It is the holiest of comic weeks, San Diego Comic-Con International, an event like no other!

I went around my place and gathered a few of the items I've purchased at Comic-Con over the years, I had to leave quite a few things because of the lack of space, but this collection is representative of my favorite themes.

First of all are the collectible books from each time I've been to the event....9 in total and I'm lucky enough that I will get to go for a 10th time. The most memorable occasions have been when I've been with my brother and sister, and I really feel like an old timer when I tell people I used to be able to buy tickets the same day! Imagine that!

In the back I have a print autographed by James O'Barr creator of The Crow, I have two of his prints and the graphic novel. Next to the collectible books are Magic The Gathering cards, my new game and obsession.

Here we have Buddy Christ from the movie Dogma, this was so hard to find! I went through every single booth until I found it and it's been with me for at least 8 years now. In the back you'll see a furry brown ball...that's a Tribble, originally seen on Star Trek TOS on the episode The Trouble with Tribbles. This one makes the cute Tribble noises and thankfully it does not breed!

The upper shelf is dedicated to Doctor Who, last year (2012) is when I got most of my collectibles, including a Tardis lunch pail - which I've used to take my lunch to work - sticky notes, a Dalek foam hat and the ever crucial sonic screwdriver!

Last but not least, I painted my nails in Comic-Con colors, which are also reminiscent of super hero costumes.

This year I will only be going on Saturday and Sunday, I know it will be a tiring and painful experience, but it is one I don't want to miss!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cross-Stitch - Heirloom Baby Name

Hey There:

My latest cross stitch project was done in honor of a dear friend, chick lit author and client Susan Buchanan. She recently had her first child and I was just waiting for someone close to me to have a baby so I could create this heirloom piece:

The pattern was purchased from - Loving Hands Tiny Feet and it took me close to 4 months to make, working on it an average of 3 - 5 hours per week. So if someone is in a hurry to make it as a gift, I expect it can be done within a month. It felt so good making it, especially the precious little toes...too cute!

And as a shout out to Susan Buchanan, check out her books, she writes very funny chick lit based in Scotland and it always makes me smile when I think about the kilt scene on the Dating Game....she put those Scottish hunks in kilts just for me!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Taste of Adams 2013

Hey There:

For the second year in a row my sis and I go out and take the challenge of the annual event Taste of Adams. Restaurants from Adams Avenue Antique Row, Normal Heights and Kensington participate. This year it was an impressive 31 restaurants, compared to 24 we had last year.

In case you're wondering what the event entails, first you buy a ticket ($30 pre-sale, $35 the day of the event).

On the back of the ticket there is a map and the list of all the participating restaurants and off you go from place to place sampling the goodies they have in store for you. In some cases, the restaurants set up the food outside, in others you will need to go inside. This is a small sample of the food offered:

Jayne's Gastropub
Sausage over mashed potatoes topped with caramelized onions by Jayne's Gastropub - You were encouraged to sit down and enjoy the food in their cozy pub or the sunny patio.

Twiggs Bakery
Cheese Omelette and bite size cake by Twiggs Bakery - A chef made each omelette right in front of us.

Cafe 21
Short ribs on top of potato pancake topped with gorgonzola cheese, a cookie and iced tea - It was devoured!

Asparagus lasagna - so good and creamy!

El Zarape
Choice of Chicken or Beef fajitas, beans, rice and a fish taco - People were impressed with the amount of food, the rice was just right and I loved the fish taco.

Carnitas tacos by Ponce's Mexican - I got here almost at the end of the event, was lucky to get the last batch of carnitas.

The Haven Pizzeria
Brussel Sprout pizza by The Haven Pizzeria - Very good way to get in some brussels sprouts in my diet!

Kensington Cafe
Grilled cheese and veggie sandwich from Kensignton Cafe - The crunchiness was just right!

Some places, like Rosie O'Grady's gave beer, others wine. I also had desserts - cheesecake, ice cream, brownie, ice pop - as well as chicken and waffles, vegan food, Thai food and so much more. I did not get to all the restaurants, 4 hours were just not enough....really! But there's always next year!

In case you want to do this type of event here are a few tips:

  • Carry your own water, it can get hot and not all the places offer drinks and where they do it is usually in small quantities.
  • Sunscreen! And maybe a hat or visor to protect your face from the sun.
  • Carry as little as possible and keep your hands free to make it easier to eat.
  • Take advantage of the trolleys going up and down Adams, they are free but a tip for the driver is appreciated.
  • I had a tupperware on my bag and put on it the desserts so I could eat later. Every bite adds up and I had a long way to go!
  • The best accessory I wore and the one that most peopled envied was a lanyard. I made a small hole in the tickets and attached it to the lanyard. It can be a pain to be constantly searching for your ticket and it kept my hands free to eat, take pics and share online.
So there you have it, this type of events are unique and very fun to go with a group of friends!