Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Lights in South Park

Hey There:

One of the things I love about this time of year are the Holiday Lights all over people's homes. I like to drive or walk around and look at them, after all they're shiny things and I get easily distracted by them. My neighborhood is next to South Park and going on 30th Street is always a treat.

If you take 30th street from Broadway after a few block, 30th turns into Fern Street and back to 30th, weird I know. Park around Fern & Ivy, get some coffee at Rebecca's and walk around looking at several nice displays, not to mention very cute stores in that area.

The following are not the best pictures I've taken, but you can always go and see the lights for yourself.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hornblower Cruises & Events

Hey There:

This year, my company's holiday party was held at a private Hornblower yacht called High Spirits, we had a cruise all over San Diego bay with dinner and dancing.

This is definitely something San Diego residents should do more than once. Even though the cruise was at night the views were breathtaking. We got to see the Hotel Del Coronado with holiday lights and were lucky enough to see fireworks just as we passed the U.S.S. Midway. Cruising under the Coronado bridge and looking at downtown truly gives you a sense of why this is America's Finest City....and we get to live in it!!

Because this was a Holiday Party I refused to compromise and wore my 5" heels, praying I wouldn't fall.

And I didn't! The ride was so smooth that I had no problems at all. Only the stairs proved to be a challenge but I survived without enduring any physical pain, and believe it or not, those shoes are very comfy.

The top of the ship was covered giving us a heated dinning room and a dance floor at the back. The front was uncovered so you can go outside to smell the ocean air and look at the views.

The inside of the ship was comfortable, although not very tall, some of the men over 6" had to be careful, I had no problems, even with my high heels.

The Hornblower offers many different event & wedding packages, dinner, brunch and whale watching. This is a great way to pass the afternoon or to take your out of town guests and make them even more jealous.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lace Necklace

Hey There:

As you know, I'm a guest writer for the fashion blog Style Bust, based in San Francisco. Recently the gals sent me a Lace Necklace as a gift and its one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

Every single time I wear it, someone comments on it. At the store, in the street, at coffee shops, men and women, they all have something to say about it. The necklace is a piece of stiff lace that looks very unique and after a person praises it, they want to know what is it (great conversation starter). Some people think its made of thin wood, others think its a tattoo, and even from far away it gets noticed thanks to its unique shape.

So I wanted to give a special Thank You for the gift and if you are interested in getting one for yourself you can visit Leyna Lightman Etsy Store for other styles of necklaces and earrings.

At Ave 5 in Hillcrest/Bankers Hill

At The Ould Sod in Adams Ave.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MojoPages: Night at Ave 5

Hey There:

I was invited to another MojoPages event, this time it was at Ave.5 located on 5th Avenue in the Bankers Hill / Hillcrest area, this is an amazing restaurant that is now among my favorites.

We were greeted by the Mojo Hostess and proceeded to be amazed by Mike Yen, Ave 5's Molecular Mixologist. First we had these crazy drinks on a spoon. The one that looks like an egg is made of peach something with something and something placed on this solution that turned it into the yellow ball. The white is made from a champagne reduction with something and something and once you "drank" it the yolk part popped inside your mouth and there was an aftertaste of Pop Rocks. Amazing!

The second spoon also tasted amazing with the little balls popping and releasing a really yummy drink. Mike explained how he made it and the ingredients, but thanks to many years in metal concerts, my hearing is not as it should be so I didn't catch some of the explanation.

Then he made us a drink without a name that contained Gin infused with green tea, lemon and honey, was processed in this canister. It was christening Mojo Tea, hope it catches on, it was awesome. And to finish off, we had a cute and yummy.

Mike also made a drink called Cotton Candy Cuban, he served a martini glass with cotton candy (which he makes himself) and you pour the drink on top of it dissolving the candy. I didn't taste it, but it looked so cool.

Now the drinks are not the only great item in the restaurant, their menu is to die for. We met the Chef and Owner, he greeted us told us about the food we were about to try. We had risottos, salads, mussels, tortellini, fries and I can say each bite was amazing. Everybody cleared their plates....twice.

To finalize the event, we had pumpkin creme brulee topped with pomegranate seeds. The Chef explained how he likes to make layered creme brulee's and it really was very good.

Ave 5 prides itself with using locally grown food from their own garden located in Ramona, their menu is seasonal and I know I said it a lot, but it is amazing!