Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shopping Gargoyle

Hey There:

Well, it's been several days since I've posted anything, and it's not because I'm getting lazy. It's just that I don't have that much to tell lately. I'm taking a small break from men, and only comunicate with my Cuddle Buddy, my Irishman, the Young Entrepreneur and the Philosopher, and that's it! Nobody new to talk about.

Between you and me, one of the reasons is that I had a Tarot reading about 3 weeks ago and the lady told me I would meet my man after my trip in the June/July timeframe. And after my mini heart-break with the Philosopher and my speed dating fiasco, I decided not to push it. Next week I go on a cruise with a cousin, so I figure I can take it easy. In the meantime, I've been writing, editing, cooking, cleaning, exercising, crafting, reading; pretty much just enjoying myself. And it's been a good break, I feel younger, prettier and more relaxed.

One thing I wanted to share is the story of my Shopping Gargoyle. One thing you must know about me is that I like lots of pretty things and I don't like paying too much for them, or at all. So one day, I went to my favorite thrift shop and saw a stone gargoyle. I looked at it and told her, if you can help me find an amazing item, I'll take you home. And I did! I found BCBG patent leather, high heel, peep toe my size! So I took the shoes and the gargoyle home.

She is now perched at the top of my book case, and more than once I've asked for specific items....and she's come through everytime. For example, I work from home quite a bit and because I work on my laptop non-stop, the dining room chairs, sofa and bed started hurting my lower back. Ergonomic office chairs can be very pricey, so I asked my Shopping Gargoyle for a free chair. Eventually my Gargoyle came through and someone left a nice executive upholstered chair (without the wheels) to be donated. So I brought it home, propped it up with some bricks and started using. It was big difference on my back, but I didn't like the brick look, so I asked again and within weeks my company sold office chairs. So I bought 3 of them, at $1 each. I tried them out, one will be for me, one for my mom and the other to barter.

Another example was last year when we went to look for my sister's wedding gown, more than the dress itself, our hearts where set on a beautiful veil that cost $80. Since our budget was limited, I asked my Gargoyle to help us get the perfect dress at the perfect price so we could get the veil. And we did!

Some may call it Law of Attraction, but I called it my Shopping Gargoyle.

Now I asked a telescope and an e-reader.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Statement Jewelry

Hey There:

One thing I love about fashion is the accessories. Earrings, necklaces, purses and shoes are forgiving of any weight gain, actually they help focus the eye away from problem areas. They can make a so-so outfit look amazing and it can get expensive to buy the latest fashion every season.

Since I'm crafty and have the necessary tools, I go window shopping for the latest accessories and if I can, re-create them at home with the colors I like. For example, right now the BIG thing is Statement Jewelry, which are big, chunky pieces or smaller ones stacked together. Of course, since they are the latest fashion, chances are I won't find them in the clearance bin.

One of my favorite trends right now is the bib-type necklace. Normally you will find them encrusted with sparkling stones, and so far what I've seen on the stores are either too big or not in the color I want, so I made my own:

This is nothing more than felt with sparkly stones glued on it and a ribbon to secure around the neck. I wear it with all black clothes and other smaller silver accessories. I saw this project on the Martha Stewart show, they have the instructions and template for this.

Another bib-type necklace that I made, which I wear with casual clothing is the one below made with wood beads. I saw the template and instructions on the Martha Stewart website and it really makes any simple top look amazing.

Finally this one I made trying to re-create one I saw while I was web browsing. I made this one in the colors I most commonly use and in the perfect length to enhance cleavage

Since I like to craft, I already had most of the beads, wire, stones and so on. Only had to buy the wood beads, but they were very inexpensive. So with a little bit of time and imagination I added great pieces to my collection.
Another thing I've been doing lately is re-assembling what I have and creating pieces that I want to use. For example, if a chain necklace is too long, I take off links until I get the desired length.
It's something nice and calming to do while watching TV or listening to music. Also helps me think about things other than men, lol.