Monday, February 28, 2011

MojoPages VIP: The Wellington & The Red Door

Hey There:

Once again I was invited to a MojoPages VIP event, this time we visited two sister restaurants, both of them very unique in the Mission Hills area. We all met at The Wellington, a Steakhouse and Martini restaurant. My first impression as I went into the place was "I need to get me a boyfriend to come back here."

The restaurant looks so intimate, exclusive, yet comfortable, it is very small although the mirror on one of the walls gives it the appearance of being bigger. If I'm not mistaken I counted ten tables of different sizes and according to their website, The Wellington can accommodate up to 35 people. I loved the chandeliers, my eyes kept going towards them.

We were treated to a choice between two of their Signature Martinis, the Cucumber & Goose (grey goose, fresh cucumber, mint, simple syrup) and Vesper (Gordon's London Dry Gin, Chopin Vodka, lillet, lemon twist - shaken not stirred). I chose the Cucumber & Goose and my Mexican-ese came out, the vodka let the cucumber flavor come out in such a way that my palette made me feel like adding salt, lemon and chile, like I would do on a real cucumber.

The Owner welcomed us and introduced Executive Chef Brian Johnston, who is also in charge of The Red Door (right next door). After chatting with my MojoPages VIP peeps, we went to The Red Door Restaurant & Wine Bar and definitely it was like night and day.

The Red Door is a sophisticated neighborhood restaurant, with very gourmet tasting food. We got a sampler which included the Red Door Crab Cakes, Braised Pork Cheeks in a puff pastry, Sweet Potato Fries, something that look like mini finger size pizza (not sure what it was) but everything was just amazing. And I strategically posted myself in the best place of the restaurant: in the bar next to the food and wine. By the way, the wine was great as well, normally I don't like reds, but I loved this one. It was Vino Valpredo, Squeezebox Red, Sonoma; which is a zinfandel, cabernet & syrah, cherry & cranberry-wonderful.

Unfortunately I had to leave early since I had another event to go to. But after the event and checking their website, I found out the many charitable things the restaurant does. For example one of their specials is the Helping Our Neighbors:
"Monday & Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:30 bring in your unemployment check stub dated within the last 30 days and receive a free entree."
You can connect with The Wellington and The Red Door in the following ways:


The Wellington
The Red Door

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And once again, sign up for MojoPages, review your favorite businesses, become a VIP reviewer and I'll see you on the next event! I'm getting better at this whole socializing thing, and of course, I'm in great company.

Cucumber & Goose Martinis

The padded wall looks very nice!

Love the chandeliers

Corner table great for a larger party

The Wellington in Mission Hills
The Red Door

A Tapestry on one of the walls

My MojoPages VIP peeps

Executive Chef Brian Johnston

Image having dinner and looking at the night life outside

The Red Door Crab Cakes


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wink Artisans

Hey There:

I recently did an interview with Wink Artisans for Style Bust, we had a chat about the art of making their amazing jewelry; but I also wanted to give my personal experience with Wink Artisans. Originally I purchased a necklace from their Etsy Store and the best part about it, is that it turns out, she lives nearby! She's been able to hand deliver both items I've bought from the site. It's a small world!

The first necklace I bought has a picture of Frida Kahlo in a piece of leather. Very cool as well as a conversation piece and ice breaker. Guys love to comment about it (and freely catch a glimpse of cleavage). In this photo I used the necklace to complement my Day of the Dead Halloween costume.

And this is the other piece I have from them. Skulls are slowly becoming my signature items, I have them on my laptop, phone, bags, etc. So I fell in love with this pink skull and golden feather necklace.

You can visit their Etsy Store to purchase items and connect with them in Facebook/WinkArtisans or on their Blog WinkArtisans.BlogSpot to learn about their personal appearances all over San Diego.

And finally check out my first ever interview published at Style Bust and pictures of more amazing jewelry. It was a great pleasure to talk to Wink and I look forward in getting more pieces from her.