Friday, June 15, 2012

Author Blog Challenge - Day 13

What has been the most challenging part of your book process: writing, building the book, printing, distributing, marketing, etc.? What do you wish you’d known before you began?

My book is safe as a draft, gathering virtual dust, now comes the hard part....the re-write!

One of the reasons/excuses I have is that the story will need major re-write since I decided to change the structure of the story, the main plot stays the same but the characters and chapter flow needs to be re-directed.

I need to hire help if this book is to be as great as I want it to be. I've already had a consulation with Cathy Yardley, author of "Will Write for Shoes" and many other romance and chick lit stories. She would be the perfect editor for my story!

For anybody looking for an editor she is currently running a special of $1 per page (industry standard is $2 - $4 per page) Check out her website!

cathy yardley

Thanks to social media and from reading other author's blogs I think I won't have too much problems with the marketing, distribution, etc. But the actually writing I need someone to hold my hand and guide me. If I'm going to publish a book it should be the best book I can write!

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  1. You are certainly on the right track. I wish you the best of luck! WRITE ON!