Sunday, June 17, 2012

Author Blog Challenge - Day 15

Find someone you know, either online or in the real world, who is a true bibliophile and interview them about their reading habits. 

For this question, I decided to interview myself. I read quite a bit, last year I started making a list of all the books I've read, these are my stats:

Total: 102 books
Type: Fiction 92, non-fiction 10
Format: Audiobook 74 - eBook 9 - Book 10 - Graphic Novel 9

Total: 75 books and counting
Type: Fiction 71, non-fiction 4
Format: Audiobook 29 - eBook 21 - Book 2 - Graphic Novel 23

How many books do you buy per month? Before getting a Kindle, I didn't buy too many books because of space concerns, while I still get most of my books from the public library, my purchasing habits have increased to about 3 books per month.
How many do you actually read? I only buy a book that I will read immediately, but I do have a small backlog of 5 books on my to-read list. I have a book next to my bed, refuse to leave home without my eReader, have an MP3 player dedicated only for audio books and sometimes I'll have an audio book in my car.
What do you read? While I prefer mysteries, thrillers and historical fiction, I will give any author a try and will  make it a point to post a review. If I don't like a book I will stop reading it, but I won't add a review, since I didn't finish the book, how could I judge it?
Where do you buy their books? Amazon, my local comic book store and I'm at the library at least twice a week. If there's a book I adore, I buy it from one of my local book stores
Who is your favorite author? Too many to mention, but right now I am obsessed with George R.R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones and I wish he could write faster, even though I'm pacing myself (halfway on Book 3) I know I will finish them this year and then I will be in the bitter wait like the rest of the fans.
What do you like about the author? The depth of his characters, the amazing plots and his genius mind!
How often do you attend signings/readings? What do they enjoy about them? I haven't, other than an autograph signing at Comic-Con - I got one from Neil Gaiman!
If you could ask your favorite author any question, what would it be? "Could you write faster?"
Which book has most recently surprised or delighted you? It's one that I'm reading currently called Sign of the Times by Susan Buchanan. I'm enjoying it so much! I get hooked like this only with Marian Keyes or Maeve Binchy's books, I wish I had more time to read!
Of everything you’ve read so far this year, what would they most recommend? Game of Thrones...join us, 'cause Winter is coming...oh yeah...Support Indie Writers!!

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