Sunday, June 24, 2012

Author Blog Challenge - Day 19

What are the three most important things you are doing to grow your platform?

No matter how big or small one is when it comes to the world of publishing, the three most important things to grow one's platform is to Network, Network, Network!

My favorite way of networking is online, mainly through Twitter (@EllieMendz), I have a better chance to be witty and chatty. So far I've met so many fascinating people and amazing indie writers. And for people not used to Twitter it's not enough to have an account and post quotes, in order to get the real feel for it, you interact by re-tweeting, replying and posting as much as you can. It can be a great tool if you know how to use it.

The other way I network is through, instead of belonging to writer's groups I prefer to join groups where I will meet all kinds of people - most likely writers will be there too! In person I'm a bit awkward, especially when it comes to a room full of strangers! Even though it takes me many Meetups before I develop friendships, these tend to be very interesting.

Finally, I blog therefore I am. While it may take me months to complete one chapter, I'm constantly thinking about what to post on my blog and about new ones I want to start. And talking about new ones, I plan to start one dedicated to indie writer's book reviews, I'm very excited about it. Because of this, when friends want to introduce me as a writer I make the correction and say I'm a blogger.

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