Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Garden Window - Summer Decoration

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It's July and we're truly in summertime (though it's been mainly overcast in San Diego for the last week - ugh!). I had big plans for my summer decoration, have been thinking about it for a few months and I'm sad to say it doesn't look quite like I envisioned it. Here's the overall look:

summer beach decor

I wanted a beach look for the decoration with the center masterpiece of a real sand castle. To make it I previously watched several YouTube videos on how to make sand castles, went to Ocean Beach and got a bucket of sand.

The sand in my kitchen was not as cooperative as the sand on the videos I watched. Finally after a lot of effort and sand all over my car, kitchen and clothes, I produced this sand mound. Fortunately when I complained about it on Twitter one of my Tweeps (@yolandasfestos) mentioned how she can't make a sand castle either, after that I feel a lot better about my sand mound.

I'm not quite happy with this decor, will definitely re-think and improve it since I'll be seeing these decorations for the next two months!

Today is 4th of July! And though I avoid going to crowded places I always like to watch fireworks. In San Diego, check this link for all the places where you can see awesome fireworks! 

Happy 4th of July!!

4th of July

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