Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Balboa Park Resident Free Tuesday (4th Tuesday)

Hey There:

So now we come to the last Tuesday of the month for Free Museums for San Diego residents. This Tuesday we have:

  • San Diego Air & Space Museum
  • San Diego Automotive Museum
  • San Diego Hall of Champions
  • Select House of Pacific Relations International Cottages

San Diego Air & Space Museum

In this museum, my favorite exhibitions have to do with Space, the final frontier...sorry, had to add that, and with the early history of airplanes. But seems like more than half the museum is dedicated to planes used in all the different wars and that's when I loose interest and leave the museum feeling queasy. But if you're into that, then you'll love this museum!

San Diego Automotive Museum

This one has pretty neat exhibits and it's one of the cheapest museums to get into, with admission tickets ranging from $4 to $8. While I'm more of a person who thinks a car is just to get from point A to point B, I have to admit, these cars look awesome. While here I haven't taken too many pics, after all, they're only cars...I do have some images of current exhibitions, the Steam Punk thing going on now looks interesting.

San Diego Hall of Champions

OK, so I will admit I haven't been to this one yet, not a sports fan and doubt any of the names will ring a bell, other than Junior Seau and I only know about him because of his restaurant in Mission Valley and his recent demise. But anyone whose into sports will get a thrill at looking at the displays and San Diegans contributions to greatness.

House of Pacific Relations International Cottages

Only select cottages are open today, but the main fun here is every Sunday, when all the cottages are open with native people from the different countries ready to talk about their country and culture. Each country one day out of the year a Lawn Program where they showcase their music, dance and food. Here's an example of the Lawn Program offered by the House of Ireland

Check out the rest of the Tuesdays:

1st Tuesday - RHF Science Center, Centro Cultural de la Raza, SD Model Railroad, SD Natural History.
2nd Tuesday - Musuem Photographic Arts, SD History Center, Veteran's Museum and Memorial.
3rd Tuesday - SD Art Institute, Mingei, SD Museum of Art, SD Museum of Man, Japanese Friendship Garden.
5th Tuesday - Timken Museum, Botanical Building, walk around!

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