Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Balboa Park Resident Free Tuesday (2nd Tuesday)

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Every Tuesday San Diego residents get to enjoy some of the great museums Balboa Park has to offer. For the second Tuesday of the month the free museums are:
  • Museum of Photographic Arts
  • San Diego History Center
  • Veteran's Museum and Memorial Center

So much to see in this museum, they always have at least one interactive exhibition with video clips or social media links and of course, one can spend hours looking at the amazing photographs, the exhibitions change constantly and so far I haven't seen the same exhibition twice. You can't take pics inside the museum, so the images below are taken from the their website.

One part of the museum has a permanent collection with the facts, figures and historical artifacts of the area, from the time the Kumeyaay people lived here, passing through Spain's Empire and the creation of the Missions to the Gold Rush period. 

The other part of the museum has different exhibitions featuring San Diego artists, the history of different San Diego communities, items from stores closed long ago and the best part for me is the Gift Shop! The have the best items there, like vintage toys, gag gifts and very cute items at a very good price.

I wasn't supposed to take pics, but had already taken these by the time I noticed the no camera signs...oops!

 Veteran's Museum and Memorial Center

This museum is not near the other museums at Balboa Park, you have to cross Park Blvd and walk past the Naval Medical Center. The museum has artifacts from the major wars with information about the battles and in the main hall you'll see all the State flags. Because this is a Memorial center, it really gives you things to reflect upon.

Click here to check the rest of the museums:

1st Tuesday - RHF Science Center, Centro Cultural de la Raza, SD Model Railroad, SD Natural History
3rd Tuesday - SD Art Institute, Mingei, SD Museum of Art, SD Museum of Man, Japanese Friendship Garden.
4th Tuesday - SD Air & Space Museum, SD Automotive Museum, SD Hall of Champions
5th Tuesday - Timken Museum, Botanical Building, walk around!

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