Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 - Preview Night

Hey There:

I can't believe I made it this year, I was already resigned about missing this year since I didn't get a regular pass, didn't get in time to sign up as a volunteer and my press pass application was rejected. My plan was to leave for Vegas and drown my sorrows over there and almost as a miracle last week I received a Guest Pass from a writer friend of mine who will be hosting a panel at Comic-Con. On Twitter I mentioned how getting this Guest Pass was the equivalent of finding the last Willy Wonka Golden Ticket, people liked that comment!

I know I will be uploading pics on Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare, but I'll do my best to blog about the event every day. So here it goes:

Today was Preview Night, which happens on the Wednesday night prior to the event official kick off on Thursday. Only 4-day badge holders, pros and some volunteers are eligible for this event. This is the first year I decide to check it out, just because. But before we get to the pics, here is the manicure I did just for the occasion! It better not chip until Sunday!

This is the view from the corner of 5th and L Street. This was taken Wednesday at 3 PM or so, will be taking one pic every day from this location.

Comic-Con spills outside of the Convention Center, this weekend The Gaslamp will be filled with Comic-Con related artwork and good ol' fashion marketing!

Inside, it's the calm before the storm. This is outside of Ballroom 20, where I went in to see several TV pilot shows from Warner Brothers. The one I liked was Arrow, and not because the main actor is hot, but because it has a Count of Montecristo type plot.

The convention floor was open as well and Holy Crap! I was amazed at how many people were there...this event is supposed to be available only for us few privileged ones....apparently there are a ton of privileged ones!

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