Sunday, July 15, 2012

Comic-Con 2012: Friday

Hey There:

Today was dedicated to gaming, I left the madness and chaos of the convention center for the refuge of the Marriott Hotel where some of the gaming takes place. This beautiful pic is courtesy of Comic-Con Geek.

I recently started playing Magic the Gathering and now that I've got a taste of table top games, I decided to learn about other popular games. At Comic-Con there are areas where people gather to play, and they also offer tutorials for beginners like me!


I've heard about this game thanks to my Geek Girls of San Diego meetup group, several of them have mentioned they play it so I figured I should check it out. The Munchkin tutorials are offered at 10 AM each day at the mezzanine area of the convention center. The beginner's group consisted of 7 people plus the instructor, we played Munchkin Bites. The rules are not very complicated and it was easy to get the hang of it. Not sure if I would like to continue learning this game, but if my Geek Girls get together I can join and play too!


The mezzanine area is all about people who like to role-play, this is where the stormtroopers sign up, as well as the renaissance actors, sword fighters and such. This gaming area is fascinating, people really let their imaginations run wild to create new worlds and adventures.



Magic the Gathering

Now I'm at the Marriott. I had time before the start of Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan being shown on Ballroom D to check out the Magic area in Ballroom F. I got a few packs for free but I wanted more so I decided to buy a 2013 Core Set intro pack, which came with some extra freebies and the chance to play for prizes. Here I only bought stuff and spent a nice time looking at my new cards, but as soon as someone wanted to play with me, I coward away....not ready to play anyone other than my Magic teachers!




Dungeons and Dragons

For me one of the most recognizable table top games, of which I knew very little about. Every two hours there's a 'how-to-play' class focused on version 4 - the new one. Our Dungeon Master was pretty cool, it was 6 of us at the table, not including him. This class went on for two hours, I think I got the basics and in this case I will try the game again. In this class I choose to be the dwarf, who pretty much goes up to the enemy and smashes it with his hammer...nice!

Video games

The last time I got into a video game was Guitar Hero, I even bought a PS2 so I could play it more! Before that I used to play Mario yeah, you can see I'm not big into video games. Interesting fact, Pong was released at the year of my birth....Pong is awesome!

OK, back to the story, since today was all about gaming I had to try out at least one video game, so I headed to The Behemoth booth, where my friend Larry who works there could play a game with me and call it work. Needless to say, I suck, but at least I played!

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