Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TLC Randy to the Rescue (I was an extra on the show!)

Hey There:

Last weekend I lucky to be an extra for a new TLC show called Randy to the Rescue. The show follows Randy Fenoli (Say Yes to the Dress, Randy Knows Best) on his big rig going from city to city helping brides find their perfect dress.

So there we were promptly at 8 AM at the Mission Bay Hilton, dressed in upscale casual clothing, some of us in flats, others in 3 - 5 inch heels (ouch!) waiting to be told what to do. The first task was to walk towards the Hilton looking excited to be there, as we were walking I chatted with a fellow extra and we looked excited as we talked about our matching side-braid.

Then we stood outside near the lobby and had to shout our excitement over Randy coming to San Diego (3 takes). After that we had to stand on the other side and start shouting, clapping and being incredibly excited when a big rig with Randy on it came around the corner (2 takes on that one).

Our next task was to go inside a tent (looking excited) filled with vendor booths, a stage, wedding dresses and accessories. We were asked to pair up with someone and just look around while we were being filmed. That part was so fun! The extras had a yellow wrist band and we saw some ladies with a purple wrist band, turns out they bought a ticket to be there and have a consultant, those were real brides-to-be!

 I had a great time with my partner, we looked at every dress, it doesn't matter if you have no intention of getting married, looking at wedding gowns is an enormous treat! Here I confess I had no idea who Randy Fenoli was, but now I love him, the guy is so sweet. There was a point when we had to gather round to watch him on stage giving his opening lines, which he did a few times, and really, he made us all leave feeling special and beautiful.

I really hope Randy to the Rescue is a successful show, and for those of you interested in being cast as an extra for other shows, check out Tina Real's site. Here's the promo for Randy to the Rescue:

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