Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awesome V-Day 2012

Hey There:

In Mexico, Valentine's Day is commonly marketed as "El Dia del Amor y la Amistad" which is the Day of Love and Friendship. Since this year I don't have a love, at least I shared the day with lots of friends at a kick-ass brutal metal concert!

The day didn't start very brutal though, I took a day off from writing, blogging and social media to spend it talking online with my friends overseas and from my hometown. I received as a gift from "someone" a box of yummy chocolates, which normally would last me up to a week since I don't have too big of a sweet tooth, but today the box was devoured as I watched - for the 100th time - the movie Sense and Sensibility.

For the rest of the day, I took my time to get ready for a concert at the House of Blues San Diego. The band I really wanted to see, Eluveitie, is one of the bands I'm obsessed with. They're a Swiss Folk/Melodic Death Metal band who combine all types of instruments and vocals; at least 5 of their songs are on the Warrior playlist I listen to when I'm at the gym.

Normally I take care of being well away from the mosh pit since I want to leave with fond memories and not  bruises. Not this time! When the band started playing I was more or less in the middle of the stage with three rows of people in front of me. Once the mosh pit and pushing began I was able to get up front with only one row in front of me - unfortunately there was a very tall guy that blocked my view.

At times it would get very claustrophobic, I could barely breath or move; but I wasn't hurt, only my hair got pulled when a guy crowd-surfed just above me. The energy was awesome and it was totally worth being in the front. Also, I see this as training since my ultimate goal is to be in front at a Slayer concert....don't ask me why, I must have a death wish!

The rest of the time at the concert I hung out with my friends and we had an excellent time. It was a great date night for couples!

The concert ended relatively early (before midnight) and I had so much energy I couldn't go home yet, so I decided to get to The Ould Sod to take more pics with my other friends. That didn't work out as planned, as soon as I got there the adrenaline just melted away, I felt so tired I just couldn't stay and went home after only 10 minutes. At least I got to see my friends for a bit.

All in all....Best V-Day Ever!!

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