Thursday, February 9, 2012

Garden Window - Valentine's Day Decor

Hey There:

To start off, I don't like Valentine's Day, even when I have a boyfriend I completely avoid going out that day. Last year there was a last-minute San Diego Beer Club MeetUp at a local restaurant and I happily attended it only to be surrounded by women and very few men. I'm excited about this year though, I have tickets to go and see an amazing Folk Metal Band called Eluveitie at the House of Blues, several of my metal friends will be there, so it will be just perfect!

But I digress, I wasn't too excited about putting up lovey-dovey decorations, but my next door neighbor put up a nice and tasteful flower arrangement, so it was on!

I made a bouquet of 6 crepe red roses using Martha Stewart Crepe Paper Roses Kit. Unfortunately this item has been discontinued (what a shame!) good thing I had bought almost every one of the kits and made lots of bouquets for my friends and family. This was the last I had and now it's in my window.

 In order to make the window look more festive and less traditional, I decided to use picture frames of my family as couples, which is the point of the "holiday", right?

To finish it off I added some color with scraps of fabric and voila! I have my Valentine's Day decorations .....can't wait to take it down and put up Mardi Gras!!

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