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MojoPages VIP: Place 360 Health + Spa

Hey There:

This is my 3rd VIP Event with MojoPages and in a separate post I'll talk about how you can become a VIP and why you should do it. This time I want to concentrate about my experience at Place 360 Health + Spa.

I live near Dowtown so going to Del Mar is always a treat, especially when a business is on Camino del Mar, just love the view of the ocean as I drive down on Del Mar Heights. Place 360 is located inside the Del Mar Medical Arts building in the second floor.

As soon as you enter the Spa you will notice all the attention to detail in the decoration and ambiance; on the floor, ceiling and walls you will see some beautiful details without being overwhelming.

The event started with a tour of the spa where we got to see the different massage and consultation rooms. As the name says Place 360 wants to provide complete health to the body by offering Health Services such as Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Custom Herbal Remedies, Life Coaching, Nutrition and Outdoor Fitness. As well as making us look pretty with Body Treatments, Eyelash Extensions, Massage, Skin Care, Semi-Permanent Makeup, Waxing & Tinting. The rooms themselves are amazing, very beautiful and look very relaxing.

My first stop was the Relaxation Room which is used as their waiting area where you can begin to unwind. And I was lucky I had a chance to wait, before getting to the event I went to see a football match at Shakespeare's Pub & Grill (Manchester United vs Tottenham) the place was packed with fans from both teams. Then I had to rush to Del Mar, I was with a testosterone and adrenaline overload and took me time to unwind and get in the tranquil mood. The Relaxation Room, plus snacks and pomegranate mimosa did the trick.

Before the event we had to fill out a questionnaire and among other things we told the spa what we were interested in and they catered my visit exactly to what we said. My second stop was with Toni, my new favorite person in San Diego. Toni Elwell is an amazing Massage Therapist & Skin Care Specialist with 16 years of experience. She had a true calling for the profession since she turned 14 and even though her credentials are amazing, I was won over by her voice. As she explained my massage, which would be concentrated on the feet, my neck with a touch of aromatherapy (exactly what I asked for) I just felt so at ease. And she was truly wonderful.

The attention to detail is not only concentrated on the decoration, but also in the way Place 360 serve the clients. Among them, extreme cleanliness, Toni explained several things that the spa does to ensure that very high standards are met. Also, depending on the type of treatment you book, you may get to use the Steam Shower, which, is covered by stones brought directly from Bali. You can see the same detail in the bathroom.

After the massage several of us spent an hour with Kimberly Higgins, Life Coach & Nutrition. The session was very interesting, I've always been curious about what life coaches do and from what I understand there's no one way, everything depends on the client. Kim gave us some tips we could take with us and in many ways it felt like a therapy session. We asked her what would be the difference between the two terms and she said that therapy dealt with people who had a trauma and checked more into the past. Life Coaching is for individuals that might find themselves stuck and just need the extra push, she concentrates more on the "now" and the person's feelings. The process looks very interesting and something many people (including me) could benefit from.

Then Kim changed her hat from Life Coach to Nutritionist and explained how she looks at nutrition, not with a rigid diet guideline, but looking at your habits, food preferences, time and feelings. She says that our bodies can direct us as to what it needs, when I tried that later in the day, my body/mind said Spanish rice and re-fried beans. And it makes sense, when we deprive ourselves by eating what is considered healthy, we'll probably end up eating more because we are not satisfied. I greatly enjoyed the time spent with her.

Finally it was acupuncture, something I've never done before. My practitioner was Dwayne Lee, L.Ac. board certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. My major area of complaint is the tension on my neck, since I spend an ungodly amount of time in front of a computer. He gave me some pointers for correct posture while I'm sitting at my chair (which I'm doing today) and then he began the treatment. He applied the needles on the back of my neck, a couple in my back and a couple on the side of my calves close to the ankle.

As I said, this is the first time I do it and he explained what I should expect. I did feel a small discomfort at the beginning, but nothing bigger than a pinch. I was left to relax and let the needles do their work, after awhile I no longer felt the needles, but the muscles actually got more tense, which is normal. I felt a little dizzy when we were done and from what he told me I would feel better by the next day. And he was right, my neck/shoulder area does feel little better. Although I know I need heavy duty help and will most likely return....but with Toni and her amazing hands. Sorry Dwayne.

Place 360 Health + Spa.

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  1. Wow Ellie, that's an awesome recap. I'm glad you enjoyed it.