Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

Hey There:

I normally don't make New Year's Resolutions, since I know I'll break them. But just for fun I made some unusual ones for 2010 and here are the results:

Get to work only half hour late.
This is the equivalent of exercising every day, I just don't function in the morning, good thing my boss knows this and has a similar handicap. I did accomplish it for first three days, by Thursday I was back at my old habits and still am.

Reduce my coffee intake to only 3 cups a day.
This could be the equivalent of going on a diet. More than one person tells me I should switch to herbal or green teas. All I need to do is remind them how I am in the morning and without an exception, they all agree I should keep on the coffee. Funny thing, I am drinking more tea now, but its an Irish brand called Barry's, a favorite in Cork, which has a nice dash of caffeine. So overall, caffeine is my main addiction and I'm keeping it.

Stop being afraid  of Tequila and take shots like a good Mexican.
Not sure if it because of the horrible "Tequila" drinks I used to get for free on Ladie's Nights back in the day. Or the shots from waiters in TJ clubs, where not only do they give you a shot, but also shake you and even swing you upside down to get a better effect. The thing is, I smell Tequila and my immediate reflex is to throw up. And it's a tad bit embarrasing that everyone seems to be able to drink it, except me. I did try once during the year, but I just couldn't do it. Tequila is my cryptonite.

Learn and use English swear words.
My swear words are in Spanish, I learned them from truckers and those lessons stuck. I do say a bit more English curse words now, but it's not the same, there's very few of them. In Spanish you can actually conjugate them. So in a way this one I did accomplish it.

Stop focusing on men's exterior and look to their wallets instead.
Can't say I was totally materialistic in 2010, I went on dates with guys that were penniless, carless, generous, handsome, ugly, skinny, overweight, young, very young, too young, over 40, boring, interesting, Black, Irish, Mexican, Asian, American, Italian, Budhist, Atheist etc. etc. I had fun, but I'm still single, so I can't say my increased spectrum worked for me.

So there you have it, my 2010 resolutions and their results. As for 2011, I went ahead and made some:

Go to Ireland.
Want to do it in the summer time. I think I should be renewing my passport soon.

Finish my book.
I've started on the whole planning part about 6 months ago and now I'm at Chapter 5 out of 100 or so. But it'll get done, one chapter at a time.

Focus on work not on dating.
Especially since I want to go to Ireland and get lucky! I'll never forget how I had a chance to get lucky in Germany and didn't because I didn't want to cheat. Not this time.

And to finish off, in the immortal words I saw on a sticker in a bar "I promise not to drink anymore, but I won’t drink any less either."

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  1. Oh Ellie,

    This is too funny! My responses:

    if your boss doesn't mind you being late, then promptness is overrated.

    Forget losing the coffee addiction, by the time we are old they'll have figured out it cures some ailment {for good}. Although a tea to try & add to your routine ~ Yogi Teas, caffeinated & awesome!

    Tequila ~ go with Patron, smoother & less puke-triggering

    Spanish swear words sound romantic ~ keep em. Besides, conjugating them just proves your intelligence.

    Finding a Sugar Daddy never hurt anyone!

    As for the year ahead, I hear Ireland is beautiful ~ peaceful, the kind of place a girl could finish a book and meet a Leprechaun that will happily steer you in the direction of the nearest Sugar Daddy ;-)

    Happy New Year!