Friday, January 7, 2011

One Night Six Bars

Hey There:

Last week a cousin came to town, we don't see each other as much as we would like, but when we get together it's always a blast. All this happened on a Thursday night, so even though there was a lot of activity, nowhere was completely packed.

We started the night by going to El Camino in Little Italy, which you might think, two Mexicans going to eat Mexican food its overkill, but its not. The food in El Camino, has such an amazing flavor, the selection is limited and the dishes are simple, but the taste is all gourmet. If anyone has people coming out of town who want Mexican Food, El Camino is it, and I'm not even get into the decoration. Anyway, to continue with the tale; the place was very busy so we sat at the outside bar area, had our food and for my cousin her first drinks, a Sangria and a Margarita on the rocks. We could have easily spent hours there eating, drinking and talking, but the night was young so off we went.

The next place we went to was Avenue 5, from the last time I went there with MojoPages: Night at Ave 5 I knew I had to go back. This time, no food which is was a pity, but I got to try the Rose Petal martini, so good. My cousin had a Mojito and an Appletini. There we met a guy who lived in the neighborhood and we struck a conversation. After the drinks were done, the three of us went to our next stop. I know I have to get back there for some more risotto.

Almost next door to Avenue 5 is Barrio Star, a Mexican Soul Food restaurant, this one is also my to-eat list. The decoration is very cute and but I didn't even have a chance to look at the menu. From here on my cousin had Merlot and I had Coke or water. The bartender was very friendly and we met some other guys at the bar. Well, more like, she met other guys. I'm actually shy and don't socialize very well, but my cousin is a people person, she commands attention and gets it, I just ride her coattails and that works for us.

Next was the Imperial House (still the 3 of us), they have the Mystery Cafe Dinner Theater, very fun and entertaining. We went to the bar and this was the only place that was almost empty. There was a handful of older men and my cousin met them all. One of them was employed there and he took the three of us to the top floor so we could see the Downtown view, it was amazing and it reminds me how lucky I am to live in San Diego. See what I mean about riding her coattail? That wouldn't have happened to me.

After that, I left Mr Ave 5 at his place and we headed out to the Gaslamp. Our first stop was Patrick's II, it was quite crowded with a live band, small for Gaslamp standards but looks like a cool place to hangout. There we met some military guys, but left pretty quickly since we barely had time for one more stop before last call.

Finally it was The Tipsy Crow, if I remember correctly this place has 3 floors, on Thursday only the main floor was open, by now I didn't even bother looking at the guys my cousin met, I was so tired. Still I enjoyed the music a lot, great bartenders and quite packed for a Thursday. Of all the places we went, this one had the best looking guys. My cousin was like a kid on a candy store and once again I was reminded how much I take for granted the beauty around me. I definitely have to go back and check out the three floors.

And that was it for one night, next morning she had to go back home and I was left to get ready for the New Year's Eve celebrations.

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