Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's To-Do List - 2013

Hey There:

My New Year's resolution each year is not to make New Year's resolutions; I know I won't keep them, so why bother? This year I decided to have a To-Do List and make it public so I could be accountable at the end of the year. My list consists of things I want to do in San Diego, which I haven't done in spite of the fact that I've lived here for 13 1/2 years.

I already have a few friends interested in doing these things with me and I might make them as Meetup event to make it even better. In no particular order, here is my list:

Whale Watching

I vaguely remember doing this when I was in elementary school in Orange County and I've had glimpses of the whales looking down from hills in Ensenada, Mexico. But I want to have the experience of the boat ride, possible sea sickness and taking lots of pics. This will be my first item of the year since now through April is whale watching season.

Hike Cowles Mountain

A mountain in the middle of San Diego! I can go, climb, pass out, climb some more, reach the top, take pics, take a nap, come down and eat fast food in order to replenish all the calories I burned in the climb. So far have no clue how to get there or where to park my car, but lovely Internet will tell me. And no worries, I'm not in that bad of a shape...I hope.

san diego, hiking

Visit the USS Midway

I've been to most of the museums in San Diego, how come I've never been to this one? This year I'm doing it and I already have a friend signed up to go with me!

san diego, museum

Have a meal at Hotel Del Coronado

This one will be tricky, Hotel Del has always been a source of wonder for me. It's so iconic, Marilyn Monroe made a movie there and it's haunted. I want to go there, have a nice meal and walk around the Hotel. The tricky part is that I looked at the menu online, and it's really expensive! I might just have to be OK with a nice coffee.

san diego, historical buildings

Haunted San Diego tour

I've read several books regarding the haunted legends in San Diego, and I tell those legends to couch surfers or friends visiting me, but I've never taken the 2-hour fully narrated tour that starts in Old Town with the people dressed in spooky Gothic costumes. I have to do it at least once!

san diego history

My list will make me a tourist in my own city, and that's fine, every day I marvel that I live in San Diego and it's always a treat to see it through the eyes of visitors.


  1. Good luck, I am sure you'll get them all done now they are public! :)

    1. Thanks, I think this list will be easy to do!

    2. I love your list and it's all attainable. I don't think I've done any of those things either. Good luck in 2013!