Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dinner at Wine Vault & Bistro

Hey There:

It has become a Girl's Night Out thing for two friends and I to have a nice 10-course meal at Wine Vault & Bistro located in Mission Hills, next to Shakespeare's pub. The 10-course dinner is usually paired with a certain event or celebration (5 de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, etc.) in this case we enjoyed the "Top 5 Reds of 2012 Dinner" which was served the week before New Year's.

We have nothing but good things to say about the food, the paired drinks, the service and ambiance. Unfortunately for you, I'm not a foodie writer and don't know how to explain the flavors and stuff, it doesn't help that by the end of the meal I'm kinda tipsy so I don't have that great of a memory. Just trust me, it's really super good!

1st and 2nd Courses
Fennel cured salmon + roasted garlic brioche
Marinated mushrooms | frisee + nueske bacon salad | soft cooked egg
2011 banshee pinot noir

Fennel cured salmon - Marinated mushroom
3th and 4th Courses
BBQ pork ribs | parsnip mousse | celeriac slaw
Roasted skirt steak | romesco sauce | coriander + edamame friend rice
2010 bokisch garnacha (our favorite wine of the night)

BBQ pork ribs

Roasted skirt steak

 5th and 6th Courses
Garlic roasted organic chicken breast | braised leeks + root vegetables
Crispy chicken wing | sweet + sour glaze | pumpkin | quince mostarda
2009 tridente tempranillo

Chicken breast

Chicken wing
7th and 8th Courses
Roasted cauliflower + buratta | caramelized onion | golden raisins
Truffled potato + spinach gratin | cheddar | roasted burdock root
2007 gerard bertrand tautavel

Roasted cauliflower

Truffled potato
 9th and 10th Courses
Wagyu braised beef brisket | savoy cabbage | 1000 island dressing
Pomegranate glazed lamb shoulder | manchego | chestnut polenta
2010 stoplman "originals" syrah

Lamb shoulder

Beef brisket

 Usually the 9th and 10th courses are desserts, not this time and we're not complaining. All the meat was flavorful and tender, the wines were just right and all this for $42.50 per person, it's an amazing deal and the next one is on Feb 12...Mardi Gras!!


  1. Bravo on nice photos with the absence of proper lighting! I have yet to go to their dinners and I'm giving up drinking. Do you know if there are options to have the dinner without wine?

    1. So funny you mention it, I took the photo tip from you. I carry a small light, my friend pointed it at the food and I took the photo. No flash to annoy the other for no wine, don't know, but I'm sure they could accommodate your request.