Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year's Geek List - 2013

Hey There:

I am a Geek and not only do I refuse to grow out of it, I will continue learning and obsessing about geekier things, but I will continue to avoid MMORPG even though they look so awesome. Some of the things in this list will be hard to accomplish, but will do it!

Read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series

I haven't even seen the movie, how dare I call myself a Geek and not have a clue about that series? I hope the library has them in audiobook!

Win at least one Magic The Gathering draft

I started playing Magic last summer and so far I'm not the best, but I'm no longer the worst. The premise of this goal will be to go to Friday Night Magic, play Booster Draft and win at least one time. And do you know what this means? I will now have to start reading Magic strategy blogs, play more than once a week and get lucky when I draft. The guys who play every Friday at my local gaming place are hard core and the one I'm more concerned with is a tough-as-nails 13 year old.....Dear God why am I doing this to myself??

Two of my buddies playing MTG

Re-watch all Star Trek episodes

Except for Enterprise. I've already seen all the episodes at least one time, I want to see them all again and refresh my Trekkie memory. Fortunately Hulu Plus now has them and Original series is already on my queue!

Star Trek Original Series

Star Trek The Next Generation

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Voyager

Collect all Lucifer graphic novels

Lucifer is an offshoot from Vertigo's The Sandman by Neil Gaiman series, it is awesome and just went out of print. If I want to get them before the price explodes I need to do it now. As the name of the comic says, this is about Lucifer Morningstar, the devil, Satan, or whatever you want to call him. On The Sandman series Lucifer basically says "screw this, I quit" he gives the keys to Lord Morpheus and moves to L.A. where he opens a nightclub. Superb writing and amazing artwork... so far I only own Books 1 and 2, need the other 8.

Write and self-publish at least one book

This has been a dream of mine for ever and ever until I discovered I don't particularly enjoy writing, I usually put it off to make time to read. This time it's different, I've found a non-fiction niche in which I know what I'm talking about. I'm on it!

lol cat- writer's block

Watch Firefly

So many geeks are super obsessed about this series and recently I heard rumors that Netflix might pick it up and produce it. I have to watch the series and see what all the fuss is about. Good thing it's also on Hulu Plus!

There you go, after I finish these list I will have even more Geek street cred!

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