Saturday, June 5, 2010

Style Bust

Hey There:

I'm very happy to announce I was accepted as a guest writer for a news, style and fashion-centric culture blog called which focuses on the latest trends with writers mostly based in San Francisco......and me!

When I submitted my test blog I didn't think I would be accepted. I mean, the blog looks so nice and fancy, more sophisticated than my humble ramblings; but they liked my submission and I'm in!

I'll be writing once a week about either beauty products or accessories. Isn't that funny? 5 months ago I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between a blush brush and a powder brush let alone the other dozens of make up brushes and here I am writing like an expert about them.

Of course as a newly converted beauty product junkie (see When did I become high maintenance / April2010) I'm more likely to try all the new stuff and learn as much as I can to make me look nice and pretty.

My first collaboration is up on the blog and it's about RapidLash, a eye lash enhancement serum I've been using....check it out!

And you may have noticed....I just learned how to add hyperlinks to my blog...nice, isn't it?

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