Sunday, May 5, 2013

Garden Window Decor - 5 de Mayo

Hey There:

Today is 5 de Mayo, a day of celebration in the U.S., an excuse to party, drink margaritas, Mexican beers and lots of tacos! This date is not a holiday in Mexico, however it is a date of significance in which a small Mexican army in 1862 defeated and sent back the mighty invading French army....for a little while, they came back with full force and established the Second Mexican Empire with the Emperor Maximilian I.

This decoration idea for my garden window was from last year, but I couldn't find any empty beer containers on short notice, so this year I prepared and made sure I had the bottles ready!

The inflatable decorations and banners came from the dollar store, the bottles were once full of very good beer. I highly recommend Negra Modelo, an amber lager first introduced in 1926 and originally brewed by Austrian immigrants, and Indio,  a darker color lager brewed with caramel malts. Both are smooth and a great way to introduce yourself to Mexican beers...other than Corona. These beers are imported and can be found in convenience and liquor stores as well as most major grocery stores.

I like to give my nails a Mexican treatment, I've tried to do the flag, but the seal in the middle is too difficult and whatever I try ends up looking like a blob. I saw these two designs online, they were very easy to do, cute and festive!

I hope you enjoy the day and even if you don't go out drinking, have some tacos!

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