Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Reading Corner

Hey There:

My dearest ambition is to become a professional reader, I have a plan to start proofreading, copy-editing and editing. This is part of my two-year plan, but I figured I should already go ahead and create my "office".

I have a great patio and while I was getting settled in the rest of the apartment, the patio was used mainly as storage. I would be working at my home office looking outside and wanting to enjoy the patio, but it just wasn't inviting for me, though my cat had no problem with it!

It took me several months to de-clutter, get rid of all the plants I killed, buy some patio furniture and now I use it every day!

I already had this chair but it was in the sun, so I barely used it. Now I have it in the shaded area and it's reclining so it's the best to relax and read for awhile at any time of day.

This chaise lounge and lights were bought at Ikea, the red cushion and astroturf are from Lowe's. This area gets a lot of sun, so it's been great to lie down at lunch time and try to even out the tan on my legs. So far my cats enjoy the patio more than I do, but at least now I have an inviting patio for me and my house guests.

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