Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Afternoon Tea Party

Hey There:

Over the weekend I hosted an Afternoon Tea meetup event for the Geek Girls of San Diego. The original idea was to drink proper British tea in dainty flowery cups, sugar cubes, scones and have a nice conversation. In reality, we did all those things, except drink hot tea!

I have a one bedroom apartment and using every single chair-like thing around my place I could seat 15 people, spaced out between my living room and patio. I put up a make-shift canopy on my patio to guard against the sun and planned to have a fan too.

The day of the event - middle of August - was hot and muggy and I made the huge mistake of not editing the RSVP settings, so before I knew it, I had 18 people RSVP to the event! The day before the event I did warn them we would be playing magical chairs, what I didn't know then is that we would ALL be in my living room....forget the patio! Too hot!!

We had a great selection of pastries, while some were store bought we had a home-made peach cobbler and a Japanese pastry, as well as tiramisu, cookies, scones and cherries. Because it was so hot instead of offering British tea, we had water, freshly made lemonade and an awesome Peach Cool Brew Iced Black Tea. I can't say enough about that tea, we put four tea bags on a pitcher with room-temperature water and 5 - 10 minutes later it was ready to be served!

The event itself was a success, some of the ladies came in with very nice hats and dresses. As I mentioned we were very cramped and sitting in a circle but that made conversation easier, some times the ladies were talking in small groups and others we were all in one conversation. It was wonderful to see the interactions and hopefully new friendships blossom from this event.

I'm very sure this is the first of many Afternoon Tea events to come, who knows, we can have an Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter theme and I'm sure next time, we will get to use our cute little flowery cups!

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