Monday, May 21, 2012

North Park Festival of the Arts

Hey There:

Last weekend we had the annual North Park Festival of the Arts, and since this is my new 'hood I was able to get there walking, no problem with parking for me!

The fun begins at University Avenue & 30th street, with several closed streets that give ample room for music and dance stages, booths, food and a beer garden!

university avenue

What I like about this event is that it's dedicated to the Arts, the booths offered amazing hand crafted items for sale, as well as original paintings, photographs and my favorite: fashion accessories! I couldn't help myself and bought this awesome Day of the Dead necklace and a huge ring from a local artisan. The lady in the booth was great, she even adjusted the chain of the necklace to my taste, I know I'll be wearing both pieces this week!

This video was taken from last year's event and features some of the music, dance and goodies from the festival. And in case you missed this event, on June 2nd you can go to Art Around Adams, it features 2 miles of art with most stores participating and with music along the way.

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