Friday, May 25, 2012

Garden Window - Memorial Day decoration and Party

Hey There:

For my Memorial Day decoration I was planning to have several greeting cards since the holiday is all about remembering the fallen ones, turns out there are no greeting cards! At least none that I could find in 2 stores and I confess I didn't make a special trip to a Hallmark store, I'll try that next time! So this year all I did was place the Red, White and Blue in my garden window.

This time I also added some decor to my apartment complex pathway.

Some sobering facts about this holiday: since 1775 to the present 1,343,812 service members have perished in armed conflicts and 1,529,230 have been wounded (figures from Wikipedia). So this is a good time to take a step back and recognize our military and their contributions.

Now for a bit of fun!

Downtown will be celebrating with Gaslamp Music & Art Festival, on May 26 starting at 1 PM, there will be 37 bands performing at the stages of 22 different venues all over Downtown, with Free Cover until 9 PM (for those venues that have a cover charge) as well as fashion shows and art exhibitions. Click here for the Band Lineup

Personally, I'm hoping to get some beach time! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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