Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Garden Window - Spring Decoration

Hey There:

It's Spring Time! My theme for the season is blooming flowers and butterflies!

The flowerpot is a memento from my sister's bridal shower a few years ago. We had them as table centerpieces and I kept one, which now is perfect for my spring theme.

The grass is astro-turf, you can go to  Lowe's or Home Depot and ask for one linear foot which costs about $5. After I bought it, I cut the 3' I needed for the garden window and the rest is in my patio which my cats use to lounge.

I got the butterfly and flower felt cut-outs from Michael's and added some glitter to it. I'm still tempted to take them down and go crazy on the glitter...we'll see.

Of course, a spring motif can also be done with a few details. My neighbor pimped out her fern by adding colorful flowers to it, which looks very pretty.

The one thing that always excites me about Spring is that Summer is right around the corner...I miss the heat!


  1. Hi there, Ellie! I like the concept of your window d├ęcor. It’s definitely feels like springtime! Well, my mother suggested a garden window for my house. It was installed a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve had a hard time decorating it. But I’m glad that I’ve dropped by to your post. It gives me some ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Marla Hinds

  2. You're welcome, originally I wanted to use the space for a herb garden or something but my garden window is always in shadow, so the next best thing is decorating it! I'm very glad you like the ideas!