Monday, April 2, 2012

Garden Window - Easter Decoration

Hey There:

Now it's time for the Easter decorations! Here's how my garden window looks like:

While most of the decor was bought at my local 99 cent store:

This time I did make a few crafty things: on the picture below the Easter eggs had a bit of glitter, but I went ahead, gave them a quick spritz of adhesive spray and gave them a bit more glitter. In the daylight they look very nice!

The Easter Bunny Garland was made using a template I downloaded from Martha Stewart.

And now check out my neighbor's garden window:

This time of year always brings back great memories. It is traditional for my family to make "Capirotada", a Mexican dessert that looks very weird, but trust me, it tastes so good! It is a seasonal dish, so if you see it in a Mexican restaurant menu, give it a try!


As soon as Lent started we used to save all the egg shells so we could paint them, fill with confetti, seal with crepe paper and hide them for the Easter Egg Hunt. The fun part started when all the kids had their baskets full of eggs and then we started to smash them on each other's head, the mess was awesome...and even better because the kids didn't have to clean up!

Have a very Happy Easter everyone!!

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