Tuesday, October 18, 2011

San Diego Tour Guide (Intro)

Hey There:

Today is Friday (OK it's not, but things are nuts, so just go with it) and I'm on the eve of a very busy week, tomorrow I'm getting a new tattoo, a dear friend arrives from New York, he'll be staying at my place for a week and I promised to be his tour guide and I'll be helping my future landlady in her packing.

I'm very excited about the tattoo, my artist used to live in Tijuana and moved to Guadalajara, he comes back once or twice a year to work on his local clients. I'm faithful to him and have been waiting for his return for months. I'll be getting a skulls and flowers design on my thigh, I plan to make a video of the process. The design will be based on this top I have, have it start at the side of the thigh and end in the front, once I get with the artist we'll make the final decisions on the design. Can't wait!

The thing I'm not looking forward is helping my future landlady pack her condo. She's a packrat, I've seen her place and it will be a daunting task. I'm doing it for two reasons, first she's my friend and I know she needs the moral and physical support, if she's left alone at this task she'll give up and probably hang herself. Second reason is that I'll be renting her condo and I want to make sure she takes/throws away as much of her stuff as possible so I don't have to deal with it later.

As for my friend, we've meet online over a year ago and are now very good friends. He loves California, but has never been to San Diego, so when his vacation time came, of course I told him he could stay in my place. I have a lot of activities planned for him so he gets to see the tourist and normal every day side of San Diego.

So I plan to blog about the places I take him and since we're both on a budget I tried to find things to do that were affordable or free. Only thing about San Diego, you do need a car, and gas ain't cheap.

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