Thursday, October 20, 2011

San Diego Tour Guide (Day 2)

Hey There:

Today is Sunday, my first day helping my friend pack. While I did that (and I'm not even going into that, it was awful!) I left my friend at Balboa Park.

What and where? Walk around in Balboa Park.

Why? It's an amazing place filled with museums, Colonial Style Spanish architecture, natural scenery, local performers doing shows for tips and so many things to look at.

Money saving tip: The Botanical and Timken museums are always free. On Sunday afternoon the houses in the International Cottages are hosted by people from those countries there to answer questions about their country. My favorite is the House of Scotland, very chatty people. Every week one of the houses offers a Lawn Program with food, dance and culture from that country.

House of Palestine putting on a Fashion Show

One of the many beautiful views in Balboa Park

What and where? Lunch at Crazee Burger in North Park

Why? This place has been featured Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives on the Food Network. But besides that they have amazing burgers, fries, great beers on tap and since it's an old house converted into an Italian food restaurant and now a burger joint, it has a very charming feel to it.

Money saving tip: Happy hour!!! (check online for details)

Cajun Burger

North Park location

What and where? A stroll through the Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcala

Why? The first of the 21 missions throught California founded in 1769, the next one is in Oceanside. Even though this is not the biggest it still gives a sense of wonder about that time and place. The Church looks amazing and even if you're not religious you can't help but admire the architecture.

Money saving tip: If you go on a Sunday everything is open and you don't pay to get in the courtyard area where you can look at the chapels, the friars rooms, etc. On weekdays this is more of a museum, but I believe it only costs $3 for adults to get in.

Front of the Mission San Diego Alcala

How the Mission used to look like

Friars Rooms

What and where? La Jolla Children's Pool

Why? You used to be able to see the sea lions lounging. Not sure what's going on but this time I only saw people and one sea lion wanting to approach but seeing people it went back to the ocean. One of my friends in Foursquare mentioned the same thing, hmmmm.

Money saving tip: Park, stroll around, take in the awesome view and take tons of pictures.

What and where? Mount Soledad in La Jolla

Why? Another free park where you can see an amazing view of the city and as you get up there you can see very beautiful homes. It's just amazing.

Finally for dinner we went back to my place and we had my specialty Cochinita Pibil, as I mentioned on a previous blog I love this dinner because I just leave it in the crock pot, by the time we got home the meat was done, I made Spanish rice and 15 minutes later we were having a great dinner.

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