Monday, August 16, 2010

Style Bust: Tepezcohuite

Hey There:

This week I added a post about my favorite beauty secret: Tepezcohuite.

In my Stylebust entry I sanitized a little why I used this product for the first time. The thing is I was really very extremely drunk that night in San Felipe, Mexico, fell down and scrapped my knee very badly with the sand and concrete when I arrived at the Hotel. I didn't notice it until the next afternoon when I woke up (still wearing my party clothes and makeup) and removed the knee was a bloody mess, but the hangover was so bad that the injury didn't hurt at all.

I remember with fondness that night, I actually stopped drinking for almost 6 months because I was so disgusted with alcohol.......ahh, the memories.

Anyway, click here to view the StyleBust entry.

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