Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Year's To-Do List - Hike Cowles Mountain

Hey There:

I took a peek at my New Year's Resolutions and taking into consideration it's already August, I'm not doing that well with them. In some cases it is the old conundrum of not having the money when I have the time and vice versa. One thing I did accomplish last month was hiking up Cowles Mountain!

What got me out on a Sunday morning  when I should be in bed was the enticement that I was going to do the hike with a very handsome guy. I met him through an online dating site and this was to be our 2nd date. It was my idea to do the hike, he enjoys doing them and is experienced and I figured I would tough it out so I wouldn't look like a wuss in front of him.

He picked me up early and took me to where he said was the "easy" hike. This is the path located opposite to the main entrance. To get to this path we had to park on residential streets and get in to the grounds crossing a locked gate.

Very quickly I realized how big of a mistake I made, I got winded within the first 10 minutes and I just wanted to go back. I'm not going to mention how horrible it was, nor the vertigo I got, the desire to throw up from the exertion, the sweating and cursing. All the time, my companion had the patience of a saint and just kept pushing me to the next curve, the next rock, the next bush. It took me two hours what other people do in 45 - 60 minutes.

Of course, I wore black, which was another mistake on my part, but I don't have colors in my wardrobe. Although I will admit it's starting to get annoying trying to find a particular black top amongst a sea of black tops.

And then when I finally made it to the top and could be proud of my accomplishment, I realized how overrated the whole conquering-the-mountain thing is! I've seen better views at night from the top of a high rise with a beer on my hand. The air smells better when I'm lying on the beach. This is officially off my list and not something I will ever do again!

As for the guy, I doubt I'll ever see him again and I'm not too worried about that. We may have a lot of things in common, but our idea of entertainment is very different.

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