Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Garden Window Decorations - Valentine's Day 2013

Hey There:

OK, so V-Day is not my favorite holiday, but I'm not gonna get on my soapbox, no rants this time. Last minute I did decide to decorate my Garden Window in a simple and cute way...with kids valentine's day cards!

I just kept remembering how much fun it was to have a decorated shoe box filled with cards and the preparations of my cards to my friends, it was so sweet back then. So I got some Muppets and Shrek cards and called it a day!

And the fun doesn't stop there...I did a quick search for fun cards from my favorite shows and found these:

Game of Thrones

Downton Abbey

Cute one
Doctor Who
Star Trek - Wrath a Khan - this scene always makes me cry!

Ay Papi!

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  1. What a nice theme for your garden window! Even if V-Day has already passed, I think these cards would still do as decoration. I’ve seen some of your post, and I find it fascinating how you maximized the use of your window by decorating it. By the way, I might decorate my garden window with some Game of Thrones stuff, including these cute cards. Haha!

    Ashlee Starns