Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Garden Window Decoration - Christmas

Hey There:

Better late than never, this year was a decorating challenge with half my decorations at my Mom's attic in Mexico and the stuff I had with water damage. So no tree this year, but I had enough for my garden window, though this year it was not as flashy as I would normally do it.

The little tree was given to me 13 years ago when I arrived in San Diego, I was at my first apartment with nothing more than a TV, my clothes and an air mattress, little by little I furnished the apartment mainly with second-hand things either bought at thrift stores or given to me by the ladies at the office I worked in. I mostly received kitchen things, pots, pans but sometimes I would receive decorations, like the little tree for my first Christmas in San Diego.

What I liked about it the most was that it reminded me of a tree we had when I was a kid in the 70's and to this day even if I have a big tree in the house, I always take out the little one and deck it out, usually with blue accessories and lights, I think for next year I will decorate it in purple.

For a time I had a thing about buying nativity scenes, at one point I had 12 of them but this is my favorite because it was my first. I remember I put it on layaway and got it just in time for my second Christmas in San Diego. The little houses light up.

In the left corner you might be able to see a tiny scene made inside half a walnut shell, so cute!

Usually my next door neighbor decorates her garden window, but this year my other next door neighbor also decorated hers, so our little apartment complex looks very festive!

Happy Holidays to All!!!

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