Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garden Window Decoration - Thanksgiving

Hey There:

This may not have been my initial idea for Thanksgiving / Fall decoration, but I like the end result, even if I got it done way too close to Thanksgiving Day. The first thing I did a few weeks ago was buy gourds from my local farmer's market, my idea was to get a cornucopia and have it looking all abundant with the gourds, glass grapes and big fall leaves.

Nice idea, but couldn't find the cornucopia. At the beginning of the month got so busy I didn't have time to go to craft stores and by the time I did, there were no cornucopias in sight...and maybe they don't sell them in Southern California, next year I'll look online.

Anyway, so last weekend it was a mad dash at Michael's, Ross and Marshall's, looking for the last fall items they had and I was able to put this together:

fall decoration, gourds

My neighbor also gets in the decorating mood and here is her garden window decoration:

 The reason why I am so pleased with my decorations is that I was able to do a quick craft. If you've ever been to Michael's craft store, you may have noticed they have $2 "grab bags", the bags are sealed and you can't see inside, so its a gamble and a surprise to see what you'll get. This time I saw a very big grab bag and I took it, among several items there was a plaque ready to be painted.

I thought about writing "Welcome", "Ellie's Place", and other nice and cute things...then it hit me, and I decided on the best line ever written:

fall craft

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