Friday, April 23, 2010

Statement Jewelry

Hey There:

One thing I love about fashion is the accessories. Earrings, necklaces, purses and shoes are forgiving of any weight gain, actually they help focus the eye away from problem areas. They can make a so-so outfit look amazing and it can get expensive to buy the latest fashion every season.

Since I'm crafty and have the necessary tools, I go window shopping for the latest accessories and if I can, re-create them at home with the colors I like. For example, right now the BIG thing is Statement Jewelry, which are big, chunky pieces or smaller ones stacked together. Of course, since they are the latest fashion, chances are I won't find them in the clearance bin.

One of my favorite trends right now is the bib-type necklace. Normally you will find them encrusted with sparkling stones, and so far what I've seen on the stores are either too big or not in the color I want, so I made my own:

This is nothing more than felt with sparkly stones glued on it and a ribbon to secure around the neck. I wear it with all black clothes and other smaller silver accessories. I saw this project on the Martha Stewart show, they have the instructions and template for this.

Another bib-type necklace that I made, which I wear with casual clothing is the one below made with wood beads. I saw the template and instructions on the Martha Stewart website and it really makes any simple top look amazing.

Finally this one I made trying to re-create one I saw while I was web browsing. I made this one in the colors I most commonly use and in the perfect length to enhance cleavage

Since I like to craft, I already had most of the beads, wire, stones and so on. Only had to buy the wood beads, but they were very inexpensive. So with a little bit of time and imagination I added great pieces to my collection.
Another thing I've been doing lately is re-assembling what I have and creating pieces that I want to use. For example, if a chain necklace is too long, I take off links until I get the desired length.
It's something nice and calming to do while watching TV or listening to music. Also helps me think about things other than men, lol.

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